Buying IT has Changed

For every IT project or purchase that gets approved there are 5 or 6 that don’t.  That impacts on the seller’s commission.  ‘Selling in the cloud’ shows how sellers can win the sale by helping buyers to justify the purchase decision:

Getting the Purchase Order in an era of tight budgets and competing projects is a challenge shared by buyer and seller.

What’s The Challenge?

Getting The P.O.

It is no longer just IT, but the cross functional buying teams, incl. procurement & finance.

Who Needs To Be Persuaded?

The New IT Buyer

Not just the technology benefits, but the business impact of the IT project, or purchase.

What To Be Persuaded Of?

The New Sales Challenge

By helping the buyer to build the business case justification for the project/purchase.

How To Persuade Them?

The New IT Proposition