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Selling in ‘The Age of the Cloud’

Selling IT in the age of the cloud is different. That's because how organizations buy IT has changed.
The implications for sellers include:

Longer Sales Cycles

Longer more unpredictable sales cycles are involved.  Often the buyer has a process that he, or she must follow.

Pressure On Price

Buyers are increasingly price sensitive - they want more for less and employ the competitive tender to get it.

More Stakeholders Involved

Managers have less discretionary spend.   Increasingly there is a cross-functional buying team incl. procurement & finance.

More Stalled Deals

Sellers face more surprises and setbacks.  It is more difficult to accurately what deals will close and when.

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Buying IT has Changed

For every IT project or purchase that gets approved there are 5 or 6 that don’t.  That impacts on the seller’s commission.  ‘Selling in the cloud’ shows how sellers can win the sale by helping buyers to justify the purchase decision:

Getting the Purchase Order in an era of tight budgets and competing projects is a challenge shared by buyer and seller.

What’s The Challenge?

Getting The P.O.

It is no longer just IT, but the cross functional buying teams, incl. procurement & finance.

Who Needs To Be Persuaded?

The New IT Buyer

Not just the technology benefits, but the business impact of the IT project, or purchase.

What To Be Persuaded Of?

The New Sales Challenge

By helping the buyer to build the business case justification for the project/purchase.

How To Persuade Them?

The New IT Proposition

Our Numbers

43000 Deals Managed
53 % Missing Key Information
5 Avg. Buying Team Size
153 Avg. Sales Cycle (Days)


Selling Means Justifying

Deals don't stall because the buyer cannot chose a supplier, but because the business case justification is not clear. Sellers can boost their success by going beyond the technology to address:


Costs – Benefits

Help the buyer to build the economic justification.  Quantify the benefits of your solution and the impact on the buyer's key metrics.


Un-addressed risks result in stalled deals.  Bring risk out into the open and use it to sell.  That includes technical, project, supplier and other forms of risk.


Show how the purchase/project will ensure compliance with external regulations and internal standard, both present and future.

Strategic Fit

Demonstrate how the project fits with the key priorities and strategies of the business, as well as with existing systems, processes, etc.

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The Authors

The authors of ‘Selling In The Cloud’ are Ray Collis and John O Gorman of The ASG Group. They are recognized as global leaders in selling to professional or sophisticated buyers (ES Research 2013).  Their other books include: